This is a list of submitted prayer requests,

each of which will remain for four weeks unless otherwise specified.

- Prayers for family of Bill Platvoet, (father of Cheryl Sansing) who recently passed.

- Please pray for the following with a serious chronic illness:



   - Hannah Culler, Karen Culler's daughter has serious chronic illness

   - Fred Lang's cousin Marcia who has bone cancer.

   - Eric Simmons (friend of Fred Lang)

   - Kate Whitmore (former handbell choir member)

   - Susan Lucas (church member and wife of Rodney Lucas)

   - Beth (Aunt of Heather Folck)

   - Diane Brown (friend of Linda Kinstler)

   - Luther (Uncle to Mary & Edna Tolliver)

   - Jon Schultheis (brother of Joanna Camick)

   - Laura (George Kinstler's cousin)

   - Robert Campbell (husband of Pat Campbell) 

   - Jon Swanson (friend of Pastor Jeff) 

   - Steve Burrell

   - Becky Hymes' coworker who has brain cancer

   - Jenny Donovich (friend of Janeise Fromm)

   - Charlene Cuthbertson, (sister of Kathi Cuthbertson)

   - Amy (cousin of Fred Lang)

Parkinson's Disease

   - Jeff Steedman's mother



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